Dorit Noble Nia

Classic Nia
with Dorit


April 7 (Sunday)
at 10:30 am (GMT+01:00)

Class length
60 minutes

9 interesting facts about Nia's wellness and life-style practice:

  1. Nia is done barefoot to inspiring music
  2. Nia is non-impact and adaptable so you get to move and honour your body's way
  3. Nia blends the stillness of tai chi, the mindfulness of yoga, with the power and punches of tae kwon do and the joyfulness of dance.
  4. Nia is a holistic movement practice that weaves the world of dance, martial and healing arts with the intelligent design of the body. 
  5. Nia has 52 moves known as the language of Nia
  6. Nia combines steps, stances and dance moves with guided freeform movement 
  7. Nia will give you an inspiring sense of well-being for your body mind and soul
  8. Nia is practiced in 45 countries 
  9. Nia offers the very best in somatic and embodiment training
NOTE: This class uses online ZOOM video conferencing. Once you register you'll receive an e-mail confirmation with a ZOOM link and meeting ID. I'll be there 15 minutes before and after class to chat with you.  Here is a video link on how to join a Zoom meeting

You will now need to create an account, sign in and register for each class. No charge for cancelling.  
If this is your first class do arrive a few minutes early so I can answer any of your questions.

Take care


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