Dorit Noble Nia

Nia 5 Stages class
with Dorit


April 21 (Sunday)
at 9:45 am (GMT+01:00)

Class length
45 minutes

Nia 5 stages brings you back to 5 primal developmental patterns coded into your body that allowed you to become an upright human being.

embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, walking

This practice trains you to access a place of no thinking that shifts your inner and outer circuitry, strengthens your joints and realigns your body from the feet up. 

 Revisiting these stages as an adult is a powerful way to reclaim lost pleasure, sensation, relaxation for you and your body.  It allows you to access beginners mind through your body and experience the meaning of movement as medicine for your body for your. mind emotions and unique essence.  

It enhances the flow of energy through your bones tissues and joints.

This class will flow into the Learn the Move class and is included in the cost of the Learn the Move class.

First part "Your Body's Way" practice,
You move your way with tips for adapting your movements for comfort.

Second part experiential embodied anatomy lesson called The Body's Way practice

If your floor is hard do bring knee pads, pillows or a blanket.
If you could have access to a chair, I can show you some ways to adapt the movements for additional comfort and ease. 


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